Whether you are a musician who wants to get inspired and realize their ideas, or a person who enjoys easily creating electronic tunes, this app is for you. Create patterns and modify them in real time, or let Xynthesizr do it for you using its morphing algorithms. Change scale and key, or transpose within a scale on-the-fly. Tweak parameters of the internal synthesizer or output MIDI to your favorite apps and devices. Record and share your creations.


User Reviews

Fantastic update! ★★★★★ Along with the multiple other new or improved features, the addition of MIDI has made this a must have app! The very powerful and inspiring random/generative engine is paired with a surprisingly well specified synthesizer and provide far too much fun for the price!

Must have for iOS music ★★★★★ Absolutely awesome app that just got better. Create stunning sequences. Great presets to start with. Midi to favorite synths for more sounds. Just get it.

Amazing ★★★★★ This is now my go to software for starting a new track. I use it to build a few melodies, and then use that as a base for my new track. Love it. Great job

Brilliant ★★★★★ The update is brilliant! Thank you so much. This is beyond dreamy! Wonderful! :-). I am so happy MIDI has been included. Synchronicity…here we come. Cheers!


General features

  • MIDI support (including Virtual MIDI) for syncing and sending notes to synths, samplers and drum machines
  • Notes to MIDI channel mapping for driving multiple apps or devices simultaneously
  • Audiobus 2 support (see audiob.us for more information)
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Background audio support
  • 40+ bundled presets
  • Save your own patterns and presets
  • Record and export audio via AudioCopy, AudioShare, SoundCloud®, Mail and iTunes file sharing

Sequencer features

  • Gestures to easily edit patterns on-the-fly
  • [Conway’s Game of] Life-like cellular automata and probability-based pattern morphing
  • Limit pattern morphing to a selected area of the grid
  • Variable tempo, step length subdivision and pattern length
  • Variable velocity per step
  • Selectable keys and scales with ability to transpose in real time
  • An option to tie consecutive notes of same pitch to make longer notes
  • Shift and flip patterns
  • Create and use your own scales and Life-like cellular automata rules
  • Extended range (26 notes for 4-inch screen devices, 22 notes for 3.5-inch)
  • Color-coded octaves

Synthesizer and FX features

  • 32-bit floating point sound engine
  • 16 voice polyphony (12 on iPhone 3GS)
  • 2 antialiased oscillators per voice
  • 4 waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square)
  • 4-pole (24 dB/oct) low-pass resonant filter
  • 2 ADSR envelope generators (amplitude and filter cutoff frequency)
  • 2 LFOs to modulate 4 selectable LFO targets (filter frequency, pitch, amplitude, second oscillator detune)
  • Stereo delay, reverb and randomized panner